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Avetta helps the world’s leading organizations effectively manage contractual supply chain compliance through prequalification document management, auditing, employee-level qualification and training, insurance verification, and business intelligence. Our cloud-based technology and expert insights simplify contractual supply chain compliance, cost effectively improving processes and mitigating risk for our customers. Connecting the world's largest companies to the safest, most qualified contractors. Solving problems. Creating business growth.

Avetta Certified Member - Formerly PICS Auditing

Avetta Member Contractor ID: 51408

ISNetworld collects self-reported information from contractors and suppliers based on regulatory and Hiring Client-specific requirements and maintains it in a centralized platform. ISN’s Review and Verification Services Team reviews this self-reported information against Hiring Client standards and applicable regulatory requirements. Third-party data providers can also submit verified training records and insurance certificates. Information is consolidated, helping Hiring Clients connect with safe, qualified contractors and improve workplace safety around the globe.

ISNetworld Certified Member Contractor - Collect. Verify. Connect.

ISNetworld Member Contractor ID: 400-240612

One of the group's primary business objectives requires adherence to local, national and international laws, and the requirement that the group's employees show integrity and honesty in all their dealings. Risk management and internal controls are therefore embedded throughout Intertek, assuring the accuracy and validity of reports and certificates that the Group provides to customers. Intertek is an industry leader with more than 42,000 employees in 1,000 locations in over 100 countries. They deliver Total Quality Assurance expertise with industry-winning processes.

INTERTEK ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Registered

ISO 9001:2015 Certification ID: QMS-1177-1-03

Cognibox is a world leader in supplier qualification management and contractor management. Their advanced online contractor qualification and management system (SaaS) encompasses all the functions necessary for the implementation and management of a thorough and objective qualification process. From search and selection of potential suppliers/subcontractors, to pre-qualification, evaluation, verification, monitoring and follow-up, Cognibox enables managers to access, at any time with the highest security standards, the most current data on suppliers and subcontractors.

TRACE membership helps companies conduct business ethically and in compliance with the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, U.K. Bribery Act and other anti-bribery legislation. Members have access to a full suite of compliance resources and innovative tools that are easy to use and implement. TRACE due diligence solutions are based on internationally accepted best practices and our experience and familiarity with the compliance needs of multinational companies. Services range from a denied parties screening to enhanced due diligence, including TRACE Certified Due Diligence.  

​The TRAC metrics are split into three subject groups:

  • Organizational Infrastructure

  • The repository's administrative, staffing, financial, & legal functions

  • Digital Object Management - the handling of digital objects from ingest to access

  • Technology, Technical Infrastructure, and Security

To retain certification, repositories meet with the auditors within 18 to 24 months for a consultation. After 4 years, the certification expires and the repository must begin a new audit.


TRACE Anti-Bribery Compliance Solutions Certified Member

TRAC - Trustworthy Repositories Audit & Certification

CogniBox - Innovative & Efficient Solutions Integrated Into Your Systems

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