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Liquiteck exists to help connect customers with industry leading manufacturers. We bridge the gap by providing local industry pump selection expertise, system analysis and partnerships with our customers to find cost-effective solutions.

We achieve this through a dedicated team of highly experienced and highly trained professionals. We provide a one-stop shop, which can help you with everything you need from service and repair to new equipment and genuine OEM replacement parts.

When you work with Liquiteck you can expect not only top quality products, but also services tailored to your needs and shaped by a consultative approach to doing business.

Unlike other transactional distributors, Liquiteck understands that there is limited value in applying liquid handling expertise with a narrow, one-size-fits-all approach. We will always go the extra mile to determine the best solutions to suit your application, time frame and budget.

We also understand that an investment in pump solutions and related services often involves working with a variety of people. To promote informed and confident decision making, we provide the information you need in terms that are relevant to your people.




Liquiteck has been awarded the


ITT Goulds 2017 & 2018 Quota Busters Awards

— Goulds Pumps



With extensive experience in hundreds of different applications, we have worked with a wide variety of system configurations, accessories and controls. System Design starts with choosing the configuration that fits your application.

We offer a wide variety of options to meet space, portability, sound and other application demands. We also offer a wide variety of drive packages to compliment your power source. Our technical support team can assist in providing the best options available for your application.

Contact us so we can discuss your liquid transfer needs and get to work on your projects

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