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Liquiteck offers a full range of industrial pumps, mixers, valves, controls and monitoring for the oil & gas industry. We carry and support the highest quality products from leading manufacturers including ITT/Goulds, Warren Rupp, SandPiper, Bornemann Pumps, Xylem, CAT Pumps, Flex-A-Seal, Haight, Hevvy, Gorman-Rupp and many more.

From exploration and production, to pipelines and petrochemical refining we’ve got you covered. Whether it’s Offshore, Onshore, Oil Sands, Shale Gas or Liquid Natural Gas, Liquiteck can supply the pumps and systems to meet your most demanding applications.

FEATURED PRODUCT: Goulds 3700/3710

Goulds model 3700 API 610 (OH2) (ISO 13709) centerlined mounted process pump designed for optimum reliability. The Goulds 3700 employs state-of-the-art mechanical design features for sustained reliability and performance.

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