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PumpSmart PS220 provides the next level in intelligent pumping by using a standard variable frequency drive and directly embedding pump specific algorithms onto the drive.

The PS220 drive is a microprocessor based Direct Torque Controlled (DTC) adjustable speed AC drive.

Pump specific algorithms combined with the advantage of sophisticated high-performance control of AC motors make it the ultimate variable speed drive solution for any pumping application.

The PumpSmart PS200 integrates an industrial strength variable frequency drive with years of pump control logic and testing.

Industrial strength Pump Control THE Drive to use for either stand-alone process control OR as the drive for your DCS. The PS200 incorporates all the latest PumpSmart features.

The PumpSmart is designed for any centrifugal type pump. From single pump applications to multi-pump (parallel configuration) applications, the PumpSmart can accurately control to pressure, flow or level.

The PumpSmart PS75 is a technologically advanced system that provides integral soft-starting, protection against pump failure due to process upsets, and the ability to Right-Size your pump in one easy to use package.

With the most advanced pump protection logic in the industry, the PumpSmart PS75 is continuously on guard against process upsets that can lead to premature pump failure. The patent pending PumpSmart Torque-Based Pump Protection (TPP) can protect against dry-running, operation below minimum flow and run-out conditions without the need for external sensors.

Offerring some of the most advanced load protection logic in the industry, the PS20 offers two underload and two overload condition protection points. The PS20 is capable of monitoring pump load on motors up to 999 amps, and can also output load data to a PLC or DCS system using the integrated 4-20 mA output. The digital display and six button entry pad simplifies the load monitor set-up

Developed for fixed speed pumping applications, the PumpSmart PS20 Pump Load Monitors offer unsurpassed protection for underload and overload conditions that most often result in mechanical seal damage or pump failure.

Liquiteck Inc. prides itself on keeping up with the industries latest and greatest monitor & control technologies available.

So you can monitor your equipment accurately, efficiently and securely with peace of mind. We stay up to date and only recommend and supply our customers with the best tech in the industry. You can be certain your equipment will be well monitored & controlled when dealing with our network of experienced suppliers and knowledgeable technicians.


Identifying and Solving Problems Before They Impact Production

ITT Goulds Pumps i-ALERT® 2 Condition Monitor

Continuous Machine Health Monitoring

• Early Detection of Machine Failures
• Vibration, Temperature, Run-time Monitoring
• Data Logging with Trend Analysis
• Advanced Vibration Analysis Tools
• Instant Access to Machine Records
• Wireless Syncing to Mobile Devices
• Industrial Rated for Hazard Environments

The i-ALERT®2 combines the latest in Bluetooth® low energy and sensor technology into a rugged, safe, industrial certified package. The i-ALERT®2 puts monitoring and diagnostics in the hands of everyday users, empowering anyone to safely monitor equipment from a distance. Contact us if would like to know more about how to obtain the i-ALERT®2 for your equipment.

The Aquavar® Intelligent Pump Controller from CentriPro/Xylem utilizes an all new Aquavar platform, and combines it with over 20 years of variable speed pumping experience. The Aquavar is designed to provide variable frequency pumping control of speed, pressure, flow and level over a wide range of submersible and above ground applications.

Contact us to find out if the CentriPro Aquavar Intelligent Pump Controller line can meet your monitoring and control needs.

Xylem CentriPro Aquavar Intelligent Pump Controller

ITT PRO Services Pump Smart PS220

ITT PRO Services Pump Smart PS200

ITT PRO Services Pump Smart PS75

ITT PRO Services Pump Smart PS20 Load Monitor

  • Application specific “Start-Up Genie” guide

  • Removable, graphical control panel with display

  • Fully backlit display with large text makes the control pad easy to read

  • Info key activates on board parameter and fault descriptions

  • The Menu allows user to focus on specific user selected and saved parameters

  • Alarm Log key for quick access to alarms and maintenance events

  • Alarm Log records the last 5 alarms

  • Hand on, Auto on, and Off buttons for easy pump operation at the keypad

  • Modbus® RTU included in standard drive – Other communications available with option cards

  • Capable of controlling up to 2 fixed speed pumps, with one standard drive

  • Duplex variable speed pumping control with auto lead/lag and alternate

  • USB Connectivity – Commission and monitor through PC software

  • Transducer assembly (0-300 psi) and 16’ foot shielded cable

  • Standard dual DC-link reactors reduces the level of harmonics similar to a 5% AC line reactor

  • EMC/RFI filters designed to reduce drive noise emissions and interference to strict standards.

  • Automatic Motor Adaption – For optimized performance and efficiency

  • Automated Energy Optimization – Regulates output voltage to improve system efficiency as loads change

  • Protects the pump from damage due to cavitation, dead head and blocked suction

  • Helps protect the motor from short circuit, phase loss, overload, undervoltage, overvoltage

  • Large connection area allows more space for incoming power and motor wiring

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